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Re: Grub Reinstall Problem!!!

Am Di, den 01.06.2004 schrieb Joe(theWordy)Philbrook um 07:41:
> It would appear that on May 31, Peter Boy did say to Chiheb Djabri:
> > If you have lost your grub by a windows install, you lost your MBR (the
> > first boot sector on your harddisk). The content of your /boot partition
> > is still in place.
> > 
> > To reinstall the mbr you have to perform
> >     grub-install  /dev/hda
> > 
> > [...]
> > 
> I have a couple of questions though.
> With lilo, if I install it to mbr with "lilo -b /dev/hda"  I can also make
> a back up boot floppy with "lilo -b /dev/fd0" without breaking the one
> in /dev/hda... [....]
> 1) is it possible to install the same grub to start from the mbr OR from
> a floppy depending on which bios finds first?

I'm by ways not a grub expert  :-)

I don't know because I never tried it yet and prefer to use the rescue
mode. The way you describe the problem it may be a grub bug.

> 2) In case I must depend on the rescue mode sometime, Will it be able to
> find the right linux installation on a system with 
> FC2, FC1, MDK9.1, SuSE 7.3, Win98se, AND Dr Dos on it. Or would the
> following partition tables confuse it
> [...]

The Red Hat rescue mode used to scan the harddisk(s) and to present a
list of linux systems it found. You can choose which one to deal with. I
have three different Linux distros installed here (and there is a
Windows and an OS/2 partition as well) and never had any problems with
the rescue mode.


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