FC3 (was Re: Arjan v kernels

Benjamin J. Weiss benjamin at weiss.name
Tue Jun 1 15:41:55 UTC 2004

From: "Dave Jones" <davej at redhat.com>
> On Fri, 2004-05-28 at 20:18, Hannes Mayer wrote:
> > > As far as the kernel is concerned, there's not going to be
> > > anything earth-shattering in there. Mostly just further
> > > stabilisation work on what we currently have, and maybe
> > > 1-2 extras. The 'keep things close to mainline' idea is still
> > > going to ring true, and hopefully we can stick to somewhere
> > > around our current 40 odd patches, if not lower.
> > > Continually rebasing against mainline of course means anything new
> > > appears there (drivers/protocols etc) will automatically get picked
> > > Otherwise pretty much more of the same.
> One thing I did neglect to mention here, as RHEL4 is going to be
> based off of the FC3 kernel, any features deemed worthy of
> inclusion in RHEL4 will very likely appear in FC3 too.
> (Both to maximise testing, and usage of resources [Biggest
> resource in point here being myself and Arjan's time]).
> For the most part though, I wouldn't expect anything really
> invasive on the scale that NPTL was to Red Hat Linux 9 for example.
> The invasive stuff in FC is currently limited to 4g/4g and
> execshield. Hopefully it'll stay that way.

Any chance that firewire will work in FC3?


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