FC2 and OO.org Printer Admin

Marc Schwartz MSchwartz at MedAnalytics.com
Tue Jun 1 15:49:42 UTC 2004

Hi all,

I searched the archives and did not find an answer to this particular
question regarding printer admin with OpenOffice.org. 

I did find comments regarding the FC2 release notes and have read those
but only noted comments regarding fonts.

Under FC1 and prior RH releases, there was either the spadmin or
oopadmin applications to setup printers, etc.

Under FC2, it would appear that there is some 'tighter' integration of
OO.org and CUPS with respect to printer admin, which is great. I was
able to add a PPD file for my Oki 7400n color laser using
system-config-printer-gui, which is a also great addition. This removes
the need to admin the printers via the CUPS browser interface.

Two questions:

1. If I attempt to modify the printer settings from the OO.org printer
settings dialog box, nothing happens. Is this correct behavior? Do I
need to go into the system-config-printer-gui when I want to modify
printer settings such as paper source, page size, paper type/weight,

2. Under FC1, there was an option using oopadmin, to set up a PDF
Converter using various drivers, including distiller. The advantage of
this approach versus the Export to PDF feature, is that the latter does
not properly print embedded EPS files in PDF documents, etc. The PDF
Converter option does correctly do this, eliminating the need to print
to a PS file and then use ps2pdf for the conversion. How does one set up
the PDF Converter printer type for OO.org under FC2?

Thanks for any hints and/or pointers to documentation.

Marc Schwartz

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