nvidia - kernel (2.6.6) compile causes fc2 to crash

Colin J Thomson colin at g6avk.demon.co.uk
Tue Jun 1 19:20:36 UTC 2004

On Tuesday 01 June 2004 08:08, Christian Schlaefcke wrote:
> >> > > I already tried compiling without x. The machine just locks, no
> >> > > kernel panic or segfault. Shit, please don´t let it be a hardware
> >> > > issue :-( I would expect the machine to crash every now and then,

> >> > > Any ideas how to find out what exactly could cause this?

Then I answered:

> > Just a shot in the dark here, but you said make menuconfig and then
> > make, is
> > this correct?
> >
> > What I do is this:
> >
> > make xconfig or make menu config
> > make bzImage
> > make modules
> > make modules_install
> > make install

> isn´t this funny? Doing it like described above it works (has to be
> "menuconfig" by the way)! The last kernel I build myself was a 2.4.x
> where I was used to run:
> make xconfig/menuconfig
> make
> make dep
> make modules
> make modules install
> and finally make zImage/bzImage

Hmm,  I just read the Kernel Readme and "make" should do it, I will try this 
next time I rebuild, FYI make dep is not needed anymore with 2.6.x

> What´s the difference in runnning make bzImage directly? And what causes
> my machine to crash, when I do it the wrong way (is it a bug?)?

Good question, I will see if i can reproduce this on the next kernel update, 
2.6.7 is out soon, perhaps someone else here has seen this.

> The only thing I changed in menuconfig the second time was switching from
> "pentium pro" to "athlon" architecture. Could this be harmful?

No not at all


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