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Re: FC2 & Belkin KVM Switch

Nathan G. Grennan wrote:
On Tue, 2004-06-01 at 15:40 -0500, admin kclinux net wrote:

I have a user that has two PC's connected to a Belkin 4 port KVM switch.

One PC is a Windows XP/FC2 dual boot.
The other PC is a FC2 test server running KDE.

When he switches from one computer to another, the Windows one works fine. But when he switches to the Fedora box, the mouse jumps all over the screen.

The keyboard is a Logitech Elite Keyboard and the mouse is a Intellimouse Explorer 3.0.

Anyone know how to fix the mouse problem on the FC2 box? They keyboard still works fine after switching, its just the mouse that is having problems.

The KVM causes problems when you use a wheel mouse and tell Linux it is a wheel mouse. It tries to emulate the mouse when it isn't connected to a computer for input. The mouse it emulates is a non-wheel mouse, and hence causes the problem. So you can either reconfigure the mouse on the Linux box to non-wheel, or replace the KVM. There are a variety of temporary workarounds, but no solution I have found.

  I own a Belkin 4port ps/2 kvm and ended up replacing it with a Iogear
Miniview SE 4port ps/2 kvm. The Iogear does the emulation properly, at
least for the wheel mice. As for more complex mice with extra button I
haven't dared.

The Linksys KVMs work well, too. And, like yourself, I haven't dared using one of those 5+ button mice, either. I get confused enough as it stands! :-p

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