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Re: sendmail in FC2

Am Mi, den 02.06.2004 schrieb Jason Salaz um 1:58:

> And after a reboot, it appears that sendmail is the slowest module to
> load during boot up.  Any ideas on how to make this faster?  It's taking
> about a minute and a half to load, while everything else flies by.
> I do have a firewall up, but I don't think that is the issue, but hey
> weirder things have happened.

> -Jason

It is a DNS issue which you have to fix.

Be sure you have the file /etc/hosts set up proper, like:               localhost.localdomain localhost             server.domain.tld server

The first line is very important and that the syntax of the entries
followed. If you did set the hostname for Sendmail manually then be sure
the name is resolvable.


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