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Re: Help! -- How to use YUM to install&update my own packages and downloaded packages at the same time??

Guolin Cheng wrote:

  I got a problem of how to use yum to install& update my own packages
and downloaded packages at the same time...

 The story is: I rolled some my own packages which are not installed by
default, so they are new to all my Fedora clients; at the same time, I
also have some updated packages downloaded directly from Internet.  I
want my Linux clients to install my own packages like myShit and also to
update the downloaded new version packages like httpd. I put all the two
categories of packages into a directory, then set /etc/yum.conf 's
[updates-released] section points to it. The [base] section is

Then if I run "yum update", it will only update the downloaded
new-versioned packages like httpd, while my own-rolled packages like
myShit are not installed. Then if I try to run "yum -install '*' ", it
will install all packages from both [base] and [updates-released]
sections, there are thousands packages unneeded!

From the manual of yum, it says that the "install" subcommand can be
used to install "groups" of packages, then How to define group(s)
besides of shell glob which is not appropriate for my case? Can we
define and ask yum to install only from [updates-released] channel??

Another problem is: Is there a way to ask yum to keep quiet (not
reporting any lines on screen) when there are no transactions to take?
Since I will put yum commands in crontab, but I don't like to receive
thousands of emails from my thousands of Fedora clients daily.

Anyone has any good hints or suggestions?? Thanks.

--Guolin Cheng

       I think this is correct.
 1/  man yum-arch
 2/ In your [Packages dir] do # yum-arch .
 3/ In /etc/yum.conf add [Packages dir]to "my-local" in the format:
It should add headers/header.info to /var/cache/yum/'Packages'

HTH david

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