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Re: Gpilotd and synaptics touchpad kernel questions

lwj wrote:

On Sun, 2004-05-30 at 00:15, Mauri Sahlberg wrote:

Hello list,

I had working and still have, if I boot to Knoppix or to XP, Synaptics
touchpad but I have not managed to get it work under kernel 2.6.5
Neither Mandrake 10 or FC 2 recognized it's existence during
installation nor does recompilation of kernel with CONFIG_MOUSE_PS2=y
help. The pad remains undetected and non functional. Of course synpatics
driver does not load as it is unable to detect the pad (CONFIG_INPUT_EVDEV is a default for FC-kernel). Do you think that
downloading 2.6.6 kernel source and compiling it would help to get it
work? It takes foreever to compile kernel and the space is very tight.

You need to install a driver to get the Synaptics touchpad to work. A
link to one or more sites is available in the list archives. I don't
remember the link.

For a few laptop types with the synaptics touchpad, adding something like the below to the kernel allows the mouse to work. (Scrolling and tap).
kernel /vmlinuz-2.6.6-1.406 ro root=LABEL=/ acpi=on psmouse.proto=imps

I believe that if psaux is compiled into the kernel, you would have to edit the xorg.conf to "/dev/psaux" instead of "/dev/input/mice". This is a guess.

I dropped down to the 2.4 kernel because with the 2.6.x kernel, there are elevated temperatures to 80 degrees C. My laptop runs at around 45 C with the 2.4 kernel version. Synaptics works great though.

Good luck getting the synaptics running.


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