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Re: Firewall - Very limited Access - suggestions

Well, given the lack of "easy" options (which is probably a good thing). I'm going to have to build a script from hand. This way I'll understand it, and know its RIGHT. Actually, I've been mistating my project as a bastion firewall, when I really meant a choke firewall. This will seperate our WAN (with its own bastion) from the Police Dept LAN. SElinux sounds like a good idea, but I think I'll take smaller steps first.

I've got Robert Ziegler's book on Linux Firwalls, and will start with that. Does anyone know of any good nntp/mail list/web boards I might enlist for support?

- Kevin

Guy Fraser wrote:

If I were building a bastion host on FC2 I would also read up on SElinux. I believe that the extensions are already built into the kernel and I have seen some configuration apps somewhere.

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