FC2 v's FC1: memory handling

Marc Lucke marc at marcsnet.com
Wed Jun 2 01:55:08 UTC 2004

Anecdotally it seems that FC2 will do everything it can to avoid paging 
to the hard disk whereas FC1 was quite happy to go on chewing up hard 
drive until the proverbial cows come home.  However performance seems to 
suffer - my sendmail process now takes so long to answer when my hard 
disk is under heavy load and I am beginning to suspect that the system's 
paging routines might have something to do with this.  In FC1, 1GB of 
RAM did not seem to be enough, in FC2 no matter what I'm doing it won't 
use any more than about 2-300k!

I think this may be a kernel thing, but any comments?


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