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Problems with User Authentication using PAM & LDAP

Anyone had problems trying to connect via ssh to FC2 server setup for ldap & 

When I ssh to FC2 it prompts for my password.  I enter the password setup on 
the ldap server (different server) - It responds with "Access denied" and 
prompts for my password again.  I enter it a second time & it starts up my ssh 
session.  This indicates that it is authenticating OK to the ldap server - but 
always on the second try.  When I enter my local password at the first prompt 
it lets me in.  So it appears that the first prompt is looking up the local 
password and the second try it is looking up the ldap entry.

The pam.d/sshd file looks OK - it is referencing the system-auth file which is 
generated from the authconfig command.
I have tried swapping around the order of files & ldap in the nsswitch.conf 
file but to no avail.

Any ideas?

Regards...  Fred Kroeger

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