Windows Domain auth for Linux boxes

PAG gulawani at
Wed Jun 2 07:13:55 UTC 2004

Matt Morgan wrote:

> That how-to may be excellent, but it still confuses someone who's 
> starting from zero. I read it, and I have questions--it's not a 
> be-all, end-all for all my problems. And believe me, I've tried this 
> before and failed. It's just nice to hear from some people that it 
> actually works for them. Otherwise how do I know whether I just made a 
> mistake, or whether it really doesn't work the way I want it to? It's 
> a lot of work setting something like this up, and I /don't/ have all 
> the time in the world. Getting a step-by-step (Tarun's response, for 
> example) was an unexpected bonus.
> Honestly, this whole thread, at least for me, was a confirmation of 
> the efficiency and value of the open-source support model. All of us 
> are smarter than some of us!
> --Matt
Hi ,

This is precisely the problem for which I've been looking for a 
"workable" solution for quite some time now. Though I have been 
following up the thread very eagerly the solutions mentioned have not 
worked for me personally. The best help I have got till now was from a 
book by John H Terpstra from the samba team. He had led me to this link 
book (not sure if you have already looked into it)


Suggest you either buy my new book "Samba-3 by Example" or download it from:

Check Chapter 9 - it should have all the answers you need.


This clip is from John's message to me. This book is by far the best 
resource/help I have had till now. To be honest I have tried it but it 
hasnt worked for me. I havent been able to login to the domain from the 
login prompt using the scripts mentioned in the book. Maybe it could be 
because of the n' number of differrent things that I have been trying it 
out, that I have gone wrong somewhere. I plan to try it this time on a 
fresh install of fedora maybe in a couple of weeks.

All the best to you with the same. Please do keep us all posted on your 
findings and let us all know if this works for you. I for one will be 
very interested to know how you get it working.

All the best.


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