Windows Domain auth for Linux boxes

Roger Grosswiler roger at
Wed Jun 2 06:28:10 UTC 2004

The simplest way to authenticate against windows-domain with linux-boxes. i am doing this by head, hoping i indicate
it right.

->execute systec-config-auth, this offers you 2 menues:
menu 1) choose winbind, configure it regarding your domain-information
menu 2) choose samba, configure it regarding to your domain-information. check, whether winbind-information are in
there too..

you are finished and your linux-box should authenticate against a windows-domaincontroller or samba-server. ah yes:
leave authenticate to "user" - do not change to domain - for me, this works perfectly. You will finally have to start
winbind: 'service winbind start'

let me know, if it works.

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