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Hi All

Did a 99.9% perfect upgrade from FC1 to FC 2 sorted most of the slight 
problems out but have one or two issues I need help with.

1. Which is best for keeping FC 2 up to date;
a: up2date
b: yum
c: apt-get

up2date was configured to use FC2 when I upgraded so will I need to 
upgrade/re-install yum & or apt-get to the FC2 versions?

I was using apt-get with synaptic front end but when I upgraded I used up2date 
as I new this would point to FC 2 repositeries I believe you should/can only 
use one update tool?

2. My Start menu is a complete mess I have double and triple entries for some 
items, things are not in the right place. 
Can I delete the start menu (right mouse click redhat icon - select remove 
Kmenu) then do the same procedure but this time Add Kmenu?
Will this put a default, clean menu in place?



Peter Cannon

peter cannon-linux freeserve co uk

"And when Alexander saw the breadth of his domain
he wept for there were no more worlds to conquer"

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