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Re: Firewall - Very limited Access - suggestions

On Sat, 2004-05-29 at 20:53, Kevin F. Berrien wrote:
> I'm intersted in building a bastion firewall for the following 
> sistuation.  Have a closed network (police dept).  There are no crosses 
> to the internet.  However, we'd like VERY LIMITED access by the Windows 
> DC server for the following: Windows update (via SUS), Symantec AV 
> updates, VNC/or remote desktop connection to 1 or 2 workstations on our WAN.
> Thus, I want to limit all traffic except various protocols/ports between 
> specific IP's/URL's.
> Certianly FC and iptables can do this, does anyone recommend a 
> configuration utility, start off  scripts, etc?  Should I be looking 
> more into LRP (now defunct), etc?  My iptables knowledge is not great 
> (did it years ago), so some configuration utility would be great, and my 
> co-workers isn't experienced in this area at all.

There are several scripts (check on freshmeat.net) that allow you to
switch on your machine, run the script, do every thing you would
normally do, shut down the script, and it would create a set of firewall
rules that you would need to allow you to do what you had just done.

This is not an end solution as others have stated, however it may give
you some where else to start from, so that you can get things running.

Just a thought.


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