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Re: FC2 hangs after login

Roger Grosswiler wrote:

I have an older laptop p2/300 mhz with FC2 installed. All works fine if you are a little bit patient :-)

This laptop authenticates as all others a) locally via pam or b) via smb to my samba-server. This is no problem on the
newer laptop an WAS no problem...until...i do not know. There was a day, i could login, but FC2 blocked on its splash
screen. I had no other choice than remove the battery and restart. The only help i can get is booting into runlevel 1
and exiting. Then it works.

My logs do not show anything special at all. What workaround would you tell me to do, if i do not like reinstalling
this granny?? Has already had this somebody else too?

Thanks in advance,

Since you can boot successfully into runlevel 1, it is probably some service loaded in runlevel 3 or 5. Kudzu has caused problems for me recently related to a USB device hanging. Others have had hangs during boot related to firewire and kudzu interaction.

You might have luck disabling kudzu when in runlevel 1 by typing the below:
chkconfig --level 3 kudzu off
to prevent kudzu locking up the machine on boot.
I think that "chkconfig kudzu off" might work from reading the lists should not load kudzu also.

If another service starting up is causing the lockup, it should be possible to disable it until the problem with the service is resolved.


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