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Re: please don't flame me

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redhat wrote:
| I know that this is not the list for this but I need some help with an
| annoying problem.  If anyone is interested in helping me we can do this
| off of the list so as not to litter the list with irrelevant posts.  I
| am having an issue with a logon script (vbscript) and AD on a W2K
| Server.  I am not much of a windows person and am at my whits end.
| thanks,
| Doug


1)  You are correct, this is not the list to be requesting help with a
vbscript problem.

2)  Don't post completely irrelevant questions to a list that you know
may not be able to help.  If you hadn't noticed, this is a list of Linux
users.  True, many of us still deal with Windows... but, that is not the

3)  There are many newsgroups, lists and other places you can find help
with your question.  (a) try MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network), (b) try
the numerous Microsoft newsgroups, (c) use a popular search engine to
try and find a site that posts a possible solution.

Good Luck,
James Kosin

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