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Re: Fedora Core 2 and P4C800 mobo

From: "Mark Fuller" <mark fuller earthlink net>
Reply-To: "Mark Fuller" <mark fuller earthlink net>
To: <fedora-list redhat com>
CC: <javaguy1974 hotmail com>
Subject: Re: Fedora Core 2 and P4C800 mobo
Date: Mon, 31 May 2004 14:16:20 -0700

I believe the problem you read about is with the ASUS P4P800. I have the
"P4C800 E Deluxe" and installed FC2 without any problems.[1]

I have P4C800 "E Deluxe" version (1 SATA and 1 IDE HDD). The difference could be in the BIOS version that you have ( I think mine is old 1009). The original ISO CD1 was causing my machine to reboot when I ran the install. Finally I got a patched ISO boot image (thanks again Karsten!) which allowed me to smoothly install FD2.

[1] Actually, I had one problem. I upgraded my bios prior to installing FC2.
I also *excessively* disabled everything in the bios. FC2 installed but eth0
(a card, not the built-in lan on the motherboard) wouldn't come up. It
failed dhcp to my router. I reset the bios values to the default and eth0
began working. I'm not sure if the bios upgrade caused the confusion (and
reseting the bios values to their defaults straightned things up), or if I
disabled something in the bios (and reseting the bios values re-enabled it).

You need to enable the onboard LAN card in the BIOS. What is interesting here I never managed to configure this onboard LAN card with Win XP (using original Asus drivers). XP simply couldn't recognize the card/install drivers. I even thought that my onboard card was broken since I saw a few postings indicating the some P4C800 mobos had broken LAN cards. I was so surprised when this card was recognized by FD2 and works :) FD2 is a great release!


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