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Re: Help: Install on AMD 64 creates display wash

On Wed, 2004-06-02 at 05:59, Rory Gleeson wrote:
> Still no luck getting rid of the graphical wash when booting Fedora.  Any 
> other suggestions would be really welcomed!
> To recap, I can load Fedora 2 in full graphical mode on to my new AMD64 
> Athlon/K8V se Deluxe/ATI Radeon 9200SE without any problems.
> However, when I got to boot it, it will start out fine, Grub appears, the 
> text starts to roll and the Fedora (press "i" for Interactive...) appears 
> and then my screen goes away in colour.
> As suggested below, I also edited Grub, removing "rhgp quieton."  This was 
> initially helpful, as it brought me past the Fedora (press "i" for 
> Interactive...) text and the text kept rolling along right up until the 
> desktop was supposed to kick in.  Then, the screen went awash, again.
> I'm pretty sure it's not a hardware issue with the ATI card, as suggested, 
> below.  I can load MandrakeMove, SuSE Live and XP Pro on to the box without 
> any problems.
> Based on another suggestion, in my K8V bios, I turned off USB legacy 
> support, which now allows me to boot in to another couple of distros that I 
> couldn't before.  As an experiment, I also turned of APM and ACPI but it 
> didn't help.  ACPI 2.0 has always be disabled.
> I have a feeling this is a very small problem I simply can't identify.
> I'm a newbie, so this is pushing me to the edge of my skillset already and 
> making me wish I stuck with Intel, to be honest.  I'd really appreciate any 
> tips or possible advice.
> Tired and spent,
> Rory
I guess I need to read closer...I didn't notice in previous posts that
you had one of these K8V *SE* Deluxe boards...It seems to share specs
with the plain K8V (ie not Deluxe) which are different from the K8V
Deluxe that is working fine here.  Is anyone else on the list other than
Jeff and Rory using either a plain K8V or a K8V SE Deluxe?    

I can only speculate that perhaps the change in specs (which includes at
least a different network controller, a different Promise hardware Raid
controller and no Firewire) might be the cause for the video problems. 
Perhaps Dave Jones or Alan Cox knows if Asus also made changes in the
AGP bus that is causing video problems.

Were you able to see if running lower resolutions or running startx from
runlevel 3 helped?


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