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Different SSH port

Hello all!

I continue with a problem to use a remote tape unit, I believe that I am
next do solve this problem, but I think I am limited by my own knowledge
about SSH configuration.. and the work with different ports.. I am trying to
use the follow command:

 find . | cpio -ocvB -F ipHost:/dev/rmt/1mn

And the error message is like some thing was missing, so, I tested the same
command in a different machine, with SSH enable.. and the command works, but
need the remote password.. but it works, if the password is given.. that´s a
second problem that I would have to solve..

But, I can´t enable SSH in the (first) remote machine, because it is out of
my control.. I need to use the remote tape unit, but using a different
port.. probably telnet(23)..

The question is: Someone can help me, giving some trick about SSH
configuration or a different command?

I really thank´s since now!

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