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Re: only critical packages in minimal installation

At 07:38 5/28/2004, William Hooper wrote:
Michael said:

> This is pretty high on my b**** list. Couldn't we see some work done on
> creating a real minimal install?

Sure, get to work.


About 15 of us already did: please see the archives of the "fedora-minimal" list on my server at simpaticus.com.


You can also see a brief description of the results in the initial sections of my alpha-stage "Small Netserver HOWTO" document [1], which I can never seem to get quite finished. The short version of the story is that we managed to knock down FC1 to about 385MB of disk space without losing *any* real functionality. Text mode only, of course. If we had access to some choices like leaving the documentation out of many packages, we could probably get close to 300MB.

The fedora-minimal list has almost zero traffic, but there are still about 20 people subscribed to it and more are welcome. We're always happy to continue working on this issue as well as to reactivate it for FC2 which seems to take up slightly more space.

[1] See http://www.simpaticus.com/linux


Rodolfo J. Paiz
rpaiz simpaticus com

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