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Re: ftp connection problem in fc1

Am Mi, den 02.06.2004 schrieb Barry Yu um 17:33:

> In the ftp server there was a firewall, after this firewall removed, fc1 
> still got  connected first and then when issued "ls " command the 
> connection is closed - but when I used windows xp to connect to same ftp 
> server, everything was just fine.
> The strange thing is that when use xp to connect to this ftp server, 
> everything is fine and I could download a file from it.
> But when I use the fc1 to connect to this ftp server, first got 
> connected and then connection is closed with message;
>             227 Entering passive mode (192,168,1,111,240)
>             426 Connection closed; transfer aborted.
> However when I used fc1 to connect to limestone.uoregon.edu   ftp 
> server, it works fine!
> Basically the situation in summary is ;
> XP can connect and download a file from* _that ftp server_*.
> FC1 can connect limestone.uoregon.edu  ftp server and I can use ls or cd 
> commands (so assume it is working here) but  when connect to *_that ftp 
> server_*, first got conneted and then the connection is closed ritht 
> away for unknown reason!.**

Simple answer: use active FTP client mode and not passive mode. Either
the server is badly configured or badly "firewalled" so that all passive
mode FTP connects fail.


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