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Initialise sound card at startup

Hello list,

My soundcard is cmpci8738,recognised at install time and configured.It is working,but the problem is,it seems to need a hard initialisation which the system doesn't seem to give it at startup.Though I have all system notification sounds turned on,I hear no sound when I launch KDE or GNOME.I run xmms,it plays,I do not hear a sound.In the Mixer,I can see volume is not muted and is 50%. If I run Mplayer,it starts the sound for me,and if i run xmms afterwards,now I hear the music!

Could anybody point me to a solution?I went through all the manuals in the system and net reagrding sound and cmpci setup?Disabled volume setting in modules.conf to no avail.I want to be welcomed by music when I launch into Linux.

Parameshwara Bhat.

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