[FC1] Insufficient rights when trying to shut down

Muñoz Aparicio, Esther EMAPARICIO at sadiel.es
Wed Jun 2 19:36:22 UTC 2004

> On Wed, 2004-06-02 at 09:09, Muñoz Aparicio, Esther wrote:
> > Everything is working fine as root, but now, every time me or my
> > husband try to, for example, shut down the computer (when logged as
> > ourselves), Gnome complains that we have insufficent rights. The same
> > happens with any program that used to ask for root password when
> > invoked from Gnome: the pop-up message says "Insufficient rights" and
> > that's all.
> That's cause to invoke the shutdown command,
> you have to be root! Unless of course you grant access
> to the "shutdown" command using sudo.
> Alternatively, you can try "poweroff" or "reboot"
> which works w/o needing root admin rights.
> (it's a security hazard but if it's your own PC, it's
> deemed ok)
> cheers,
> ow

Out of the box, you must be superuser to use "reboot" or "poweroff". In run
level 0 or 6 they call shutdown with the appropriate flag ie -h or -r. Example
output below:

[mlm at paddles mlm]$ reboot
reboot: must be superuser.
[mlm at paddles mlm]$ poweroff
poweroff: must be superuser.


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Mike, Ow, et al,

Thanks for the information, but I know that reboot and poweroff need superuser to work.
This machine is at home. We use it for mail, browsing and doing some postcards with Gimp :-)
When I set up the machine, i created (besides a root account) two normal user accounts, one for me and one for my husband. The root account is used only when absolutely necessary, and most of the time using su from my account.

The problem we have is that logging as myself, I used to be able to, for example, start up2date from the applet in the gnome panel, which would ask for root password. I typed it and then it ran up2date. Now, after moving /home and /usr to a new partition, this is not happening anymore. As soon as I click on the up2date applet, it pops a "insufficient rights" message and that's all. And this same message happens for all the programs on Gnome that used to ask for root password, and also when we press "Shut Down" from the hat menu and select Shut down or Restart computer. And these used to work.

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