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Re: floppy procedure

wrench38 juno com wrote:

>Does Fedora come prepared to read and write floppies right out of the

Yes it does

>My drive can only be mounted by root

This is most likely caused by "nouser" setting on /dev/fd0 in your
/etc/fstab file.

For some good information on the /etc/fstab file, check out:


>and seems to be always busy

This is should mean that some user is in that directory (/mnt/floppy). 
Be certain that no user is there before trying to umount the drive.

>Can I drag & drop to copy a file to floppy?

Yes, using Nautilus, the file manager in Gnome, the default FC2 Xwindow
manager.  Konqueror if you chose to use KDE.

>I need a step-by-step procedure with nothing left out

>From the command line:

$ mount /dev/fd0    (this mounts the floppy.  The "$" indicates a
normal user prompt)
$ cd /mnt/floppy   (puts you into the floppy file system)
$ cp ~/some.file .  (copies the file named "some.file" to your current
directory, in this case, the floppy)

For doing this with the new Nautilus file manager in Gnome on FC2 you
may have to seek help from somebody else.  I know that it can be done,
probably by having one "window" of your source directory open and
another of your destination directory and just "dragging" the file from
one to the other.  Anyone else more familiar with this process than I
am, please feel free to jump in here.


Jim Dishaw

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