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Installing FC2 with existing FC1 software RAID

Stupidly I managed to knock the hard-drive while it was on, and damaged
7 blocks on my data partition. / and /boot are clean though. 

I have two drives which are in software RAID-1 most of the time[1].
Fedora Core 1 is currently installed.

/dev/hdX1 /boot
/dev/hdX2 /export 	+ 7 bad blocks
/dev/hdX3 <swap>
/dev/hdX5 /  		(came up clean)
/dev/hdX6 /oggs

I plan on installing FC2 since I ought to upgrade at some point anyway.
The plan is to install.. and let anaconda 

format swap
format /boot (making it software RAID hda1 and hdc1)
format / (making it software RAID hda5 and hda5)

I'm hoping that it would be possible to fill in the right details for
/etc/raidtab and /etc/fstab without having to format /export or /oggs.
I'm nervous with FC2 having 2.6 and want to be sure that RAID hasn't
changed in any big way between 2.4 and 2.6?

Finally am I right in assuming that when fsck'ing /dev/hda2 under
gnoppix, that fsck would have written the bad blocks to the partition
somewhere so that new data won't be written over bad blocks?

I'd appreciate any words of wisdom.

Adam Allen.
[1] except when I need two cd-rom's. 

adam dynamicinteraction co uk
pgp http://pgp.mit.edu:11371/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0x553349DB

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