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Re: Gpilotd and synaptics touchpad kernel questions

Mauri Sahlberg wrote:

ke, 2004-06-02 kello 04:07, Jim Cornette kirjoitti:

For a few laptop types with the synaptics touchpad, adding something like the below to the kernel allows the mouse to work. (Scrolling and tap).
kernel /vmlinuz-2.6.6-1.406 ro root=LABEL=/ acpi=on psmouse.proto=imps

Hmm. I was about to say that already tried that but obviously I had
understood something wrong as:
sudo sysctl -w psmouse.proto=imps
error: 'psmouse.proto' is an unknown key

I had edited sysctl.conf and added psmouse.proto=imps (and psmouse.resetafter=5
) to it but that probably does not work either.

Thanks for the tip, I will try booting with psmouse.proto=imps to see if it makes a difference or not.

Good luck getting the synaptics running.

Thanks. I will proabably try one of Arjan's 2.6.6 kernels next if the psproto will not work, as there seems to be patches for synpatics for kernels 2.6.6 but not for 2.6.5. As far as I can tell those patches are unrelated to my problem but as I have no better things to try...

How did you measure temperatures? Do you have some GPL tool for it?

I run the attatched script that I put together. I have one for a lot of stats also. The temperature of the laptop is my major concern.
It puts out the below output. Also, the latest 2.6.6 kernel (403) seems to be alright. The previous kernel is where the temps skyrocketed. The heat and the fan being on led me to notice the temperature rise.

Temperature related
cooling mode:            active
<polling disabled>
state:                   ok
temperature:             41 C
critical (S5):           100 C
passive:                 97 C: tc1=4 tc2=3 tsp=40 devices=0x116ee6e8

output running the 2.6.6-1.406 kernel,

Your business will assume vast proportions.

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