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Re: Totem, xine-lib and gstreamer: need clarification

M3 Freak wrote:

Hi all,

Well, I have Totem installed on my FC2 system, and I'm a little confused
about the two backends available for it: xine and gstreamer.  My

1. What's the difference with xine and gstreamer?
2. Why would one want to choose one over the other (i.e. xine and
3. I've tried playing WMVs with Totem, but no go.  I know if I install
the "w32codec-0.52-1.i386.rpm", I will most probably be able to play
WMVs.  However, I thought xine could play WMV files anyway.  What's the
4. Quicktime files can be played with Totem after installing
gstreamer-ffmpeg from Freshrpms.  But, I'm not using the gstreamer
backend with Totem.  In fact, I'm calling Totem from the Gnome menu with
just "totem": how the hell do the Quicktime files play, then?!
5. I installed the gstreamer-extra-plugins-audio and
gstreamer-extra-plugins-video RPMs from Freshrpms.  Before doing this,
playing some mpeg files was not possible (e.g. the Enterprise season
finale).  Again, I thought with the xine backend (which I don't know how
it's being used), mpeg files would just work.  Why are these extra
packages required?

I'm fairly confused with Totem. I know it needs xine-libs to work, but
a lot of the files I tried to play through it wouldn't work without
installing additional packages, even though on Xine's site it says they
should have. Being able to use gstreamer as a backend just makes it
even weirder.

If someone could so kind as to explain what the hell is going on, I'd be
grateful.  I know, it's a weird request, but I just want to know what
the differences are between xine and gstreamer and what the
advantages/disadvantages are in the context of Totem.



You have a very old w32codecs package to use it you must have xine I have never heard of gstreamer but if you install xine-lib and w32codecs you should be able to play wmvs. You can get a newer codec package at links2linux.de

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