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Re: ide-scsi problem

On Wednesday 02 June 2004 18:01, Brad Hafichuk wrote:
>I hope that someone may be able to help me with a tape drive problem
> I'm having.
>I have a Seagate Travan 40 (IDE) drive which is running on Fedora
> Core 2 (2.6.5-1.358 kernel) on an x86_64 machine. I was running
> Fedora Core 1 on the machine a week ago without any problem with
> the tape drive.
>I've done some searching on the certance website's FAQ (they support
> the hardware) and came across the problem I'm having (url
> http://www.certance.com/support/kb/tape/faq/travan40_redhat.html)
> though the solution is for redhat not fedora. I've tried to
> "modprobe ide-scsi" and it says the module is not found. How do I
> go about installing/enabling it so I can use the software that
> comes with the tape drive? (Note: I am able to access the device
> through /dev/ht0 and can use dump/restore for the interim.)
Since most of redhat is still on the 2.4 kernels, that might work.

However we are being told that ide-scsi and the 2.6 kernels don't get 
along and that we really should be using the normal /dev/hdX 
addresses now for cd's and dvd's, and that works better than ide-scsi 
ever did here.  But for tape, I think you'll need to verify that sg 
is being builtin.

The regular ide driver has been improved considerably, and may make 
all this moot now.  As far as the software that came with the drive, 
its probably windows-centric and won't play well with linux.  Bin it 
and go take a look at amanda, <http://amanda.org>.

>P.S. Please send replies directly to brad azus net
>Brad Hafichuk
>Azus Technologies Inc.
>(403) 710-8079

Cheers, Gene
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