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boot in INIT 3 never completes after system message bus

Hi All,

I have a dual Xeon Dell 2650 running FC1. It's been booting fine in INIT 5
(at least it looked fine - although I am not sure it completes). I switched
to INIT 3 to not start X and the console boot never completes!! It either
stops after system message bus {OK} and goes no further or if I run
interactively and say N to it and the subsequent two rc3.d entries, rhns and
local, it still never returns to the console login prompt.

I have no other entries in rc3.d that I have added.

Another strange thing is that I have two external modems for Hylafax that if
I say Ignore in INIT 3 I don't see Kudzo anymore unless I switch to boot
into INIT 5 then I says the've been removed!! I have FaxGetty running in
levels 2345. Wierd.

Any advice or input would be greatly appreciated.


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