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Re: FC1/FC2 or RedHat9


> I had redhat 9 and last weekend upgraded (not installed) FC2.
> The upgrade failed. If you have a newer system that can boot
> from a cdrom, then you will not have the problem I had, but
> if yours is an older machine ... do not expect to be able to
> upgrade - go to FC2 install.

Very odd. I went from RH8 to FC2 on one box at the start of the week. It
took a bit longer than a fresh install, but then having done a pile of
FC1 to FC2 upgrades, I knew what too look for.

Other than the usual problem I've had with sound and xfree86, it went
like a dream.

For the xfree86, I dropped to single user and did

rpm -e xfree86 xfree86-devel

This gave a pile of dependancies.

rpm -e <all of the xf86 stuff>

Rebooted to the install disc and did the upgrade. I then checked to see
if /etc/X11/xorg.conf had been created and if it hadn't editted
XF86Config so that where it referred to XF86, it now referred to xorg

Sound was a bit more of a pain, but really, it was just changing
sound-card to snd-card in modprobe.conf



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