Dear Fedora Community, what do you want?

Scott Sloan devscott at
Thu Jun 3 15:52:23 UTC 2004

I had a discussion with a friend about a week ago about Linux and
hardware support. Basically it was the endless loop that " Linux's
popularity is directly related to the amount of hardware support which
is based on it's popularity of the OS"

So I took the question to the other side of the fence to a friend who
works in high upper management, who's words carries a lot of weight, for
a highly respected hardware manufacture, well at least for printers in
my book. 

"Give me a list of what the Linux community is seeking as far as
hardware support and I'll see if I can get some bodies working on it.
With a convincing email or two and we should be able to get it done"

I know nothing is for certain (besides: death and taxes  :) but I would
like to write the email just to get the issue out there. so I'm asking
What do we want from manufactures? Just great stable drivers? GPL
drivers? And How can we convince them that writing drivers for Linux is
worth their time? 

Scott Sloan <devscott at>

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