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Re: FC2 & Nvidia

Rodolfo J. Paiz wrote:
At 09:23 5/23/2004, Jim Radford wrote:

I have an Nvidia card and am wishing to do a complete wipe and reinstall (from
FC1 to FC2). What issues are there with the Nvidia drivers and how do I
overcome them?

I think the cleanest answer is to do a fresh install and use the "nv" driver provided. If that does not work optimally, then submit bugs to bugzilla to help improve it while you wait for the manufacturer to provide a newer version of their driver. If the nv driver does not work for you at all, then you'll have to recompile your kernel to get the 5336 drivers to work.

I suggest also testing and helping to debug the "nv" driver in your free time so it improves. :-)


Is the "nv" driver supposed to work with 3d stuff e.g. tuxracer and it is because of a bug it isn't working or is 3d not supported with the "nv" driver?

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