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Re: Dear Fedora Community, what do you want?

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On Thursday 03 June 2004 16:52, Scott Sloan wrote:

> I know nothing is for certain (besides: death and taxes  :) but I would
> like to write the email just to get the issue out there. so I'm asking
> What do we want from manufactures? Just great stable drivers? GPL
> drivers? And How can we convince them that writing drivers for Linux is
> worth their time?

They don't have to write the drivers for Linux: if you look on sf people have 
done amazing work reverse-engineering protocols and making their own drivers.

What they should do is

 - document their hardware registers/protocols openly, and / or 

 - provide code for core driver functionality in a way that is OS independent, 
not sample code but the actual core code from the Windows driver

Then coders can come to the device hugely empowered to make a really superior 
driver, not from backbreaking puzzling out functionality but from real docs 
or real code.

Linux people are all the time trying to figure out which vendor to buy devices 
from for good Linux support, a vendor announcing this strategy is guaranteed 
to get my money if their device is decent and decently priced.

- -Andy

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