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Re: FC2 Kernel Rebuild

On Thu, 2004-06-03 at 14:09 -0500, Steve Pyatt wrote:
> After trying for about two weeks to rebuild the kernel that comes with
> FC2, I finally got it to work. At least to the point that it boots
> correctly. The only web link I found that had correct instructions for
> the kernel is this one;
> http://kerneltrap.org/node/view/2465

Well, that set of instructions omits "make mrproper" as the first step,
which can be critical for Red Hat kernels - certainly has been necessary
in the past.  Also has quite a lot of stuff that is not relevant to
rebuilding/installing a Fedora kernel that may be confusing.

This procedure works for me:
# /root/bin/make_linux
# Kernel build steps:
#   1. Install the sources
#   2. cd <install directory> (e.g. /usr/src/linux-2.4
#   3. make mrproper
#   3a. optional - copy .config file from configs directory or
#       old kernel, then "make oldconfig"
#   4. make xconfig (gconfig for 2.6 or menuconfig if not in X)
#   5. make dep (not required for 2.6 kernels)
#   6. make
#   7. make bzImage
#   8. make modules
#   9. make modules_install
#  10. make install
#  11. if required, configure bootloader. ("make install" will do
#       this for you)
# This script implements steps 6-10
# Note: adjust "-j n" for performance on compilation
#   runs parallel jobs
#   -j 4 is a good starting place for single processor

(make -j 6 && make -j 6 bzImage && make -j 6 modules && \
make modules_install && make install) >& /tmp/MakeKernel.log

# check log file for errors when done, repeat as required, or reboot
# to test

"make rpm" has also been suggested as a simple solution.

Sorry to hear you had such problems.  Might have found better help in
the list archive - has been discussed before.


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