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Re: A little musing on Linux ( was Re: Zip files to multiple floppies)

On Thu, 2004-06-03 at 14:07 -0600, Robin Laing wrote:
... snip ...
> I use the CLI on a daily basis as it is efficient and allows me to 
> have more control of my system.  Yes some GUI tools are nice but as
> in 
> a post about "grip - location of files" allot can be missed when 
> relying on the GUI.

Agree.  My major gripe about GUI tools is the all-too-common habit they
have of silently clobbering carefully crafted custom changes, and being
mutually incompatible with hand editing of config files.  CUPS is a
prime example of this.


> Another issue about GUI in Linux is the different desktops.  A CLI
> can 
> be used from a variety of input locations or situations.  Remember 
> Linux is a server package first, Desktop second.  Of course as a 
> desktop it works great if you make the necessary changes.  I use it
> at 
> work and with my experience with winXP pro in the last 2 days, much 
> more productive.

Again, very much agree.  Thanks to OOo, wine, etc., the only remaining
reason I have for keeping Windows around is for the kids to play games.

> I have used Linux since 1994 and I am still learning and I don't have 
> to put up with the numerous Windows security problems or crashes that 
> I have experienced in all versions of Windows.

Yup.  Remember the Slackware distro on 60+ floppies?

> I do agree that something has to be done to make Linux work better
> for 
> those that are Windows Trained but I am glad the Fedora isn't 
> following the lead of lin-dash or lindows or whatever you wish to call
> it.

Linspire this week.

Well, at least Michael Robertson has been playing a pretty good David to
Bill Gates' Goliath:


Worst thing about Lindows/Linspire is the root-only optional-password
hard-to-change default for logins.


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