dovecot, imap, maildir and subfolders

Eliot Stock bass at
Thu Jun 3 22:06:22 UTC 2004


I have Fedora Core 2 and dovecot- I've done nothing to configure it
but it seems to have found the Mail dir in my home directory ok and I can
connect using IMAP. But I can't create subfolders, at least in Mozilla

If I right click on inbox, there's a 'New Folder...', but if I create one then
right click on it, no more 'New Folder...'. So it seems folders can only go one
level deep.

I know I can do this with Cyrus IMAP and I thought I read somewhere you can do
it with dovecot. Is it even the IMAP server that's the limiting factor here? Or
the mail storage format?

While we're on the subject, can dovecot + Maildir handle both mail and
subfolders within a folder?


Eliot Stock.

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