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Re: Screen resolution in FC2?.....

Thanks for your reply. I think I might try to put FC1 on this machine and
see if the same happens. I am guessing its my machine that is quite old, and
during installation, FC2 could not find matching display and I had to choose
LCD generic. 

I did some search in goggle and found quite a few people having similar
problems with FC2. 


>On Thu, 2004-06-03 at 12:26, chun lee wrote:
>> Hi there:
>> Am having problem with setting my laptop screen resolution to 1024x768 in
>> FC2. During the setup phase after the installation, the resolution was at
>> 1024x768, but it went back to 800x600 during the boot.
>> Have been messing around with this a while now, I also tried to modify some
>> settings in xorg.conf.
>> Anyone can help?
>> Many thanks
>The only reasons that I know of that keep a screen resolution from
>working are (and I'll forget a few)
>1) Chipset frequency/resolution incompatibility
>2) Not enough memory for color depth
>3) Monitor limitations
>4) Driver bugs
>Have you tried limiting color depth?
>Is 1024x768 the first choice?
>Remember any errors in set up will be bypassed if not fatal (at least it
>was for XF)
>jludwig <wralphie comcast net>

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