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Re: Dear Fedora Community, what do you want?

Rodolfo J. Paiz wrote:
At 10:43 6/3/2004, Christopher Chan wrote:

For desktop purposes, we can do with more drivers but the important ones (ATI, Nvidia, sound) are more or less in place.

Excuse me? Christopher, most people not living under a rock have been subjected to at least 100 posts in the last two weeks about Nvidia closed-source drivers, the nv open-source drivers, the pros/cons (mostly cons) of each option, and the fact that video drivers for advanced hardware are either entirely proprietary or simply do not exist. Where have *you* been?

running a lovely ATI Radeon 8500 with two monitors in Big Screen mode so I get a 2048x768 screen and using my Miro PC/TV for gnome-meeting/video capture but waiting to change my motherboard to another one that does not use a chipset from VIA so that I can get my DC10 board working and ignoring posts from Rui after my first encounter with him since he is decidedly taking an extreme stand on this sort of thing (GPL or not for any software, driver or not)

Oh...Nvidia!!..hey, I run their drivers no problemo on my work machine RH9 + 2.6.x kernel for my TNT2 card :P

What's the problem again?


<g> Enjoying me desktop me.

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