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Re: Help: Install on AMD 64 creates display wash

On Wed, 2004-06-02 at 17:03, Rory Gleeson wrote:
>  >Were you able to see if running lower resolutions or running startx 
>  >from runlevel 3 helped?
>  >
>  >KAS
> Yes, I followed Jim's steps, ran from level 3 typed "startx" when I got 
> to a login prompt... and I got the screen in a wash of colour again. Drat!!

Random characters, some flashing, generally means that the screen buffer
had trash in it and the VGA controller didn't make the graphics mode
switch properly...there are a multitude of reasons why this might
happen, all pretty much video card hardware related.

> I don't know how to change the screen resolution from Grub, which was 
> the other suggestion.

This assumes you installed Gnome so that if you get to a login, whether
it is visible or not, you are running GDM and the graphics login screen
would normally be displayed...you get there by editing grub to remove
the "rhgb quiet" kernel parameters per the previous instructions so that
you know that you got to GDM.

One possibility is that for reasons unknown, the 9200 won't run higher
resolutions (ie higher internal clock speeds).  Since IIRC, Anaconda
tried to run in graphical mode, 640x480 is working.  Hitting Ctrl, Alt
and the numeric keypad +  (all 3 keys at once) will cycle you through
all the resolutions X supports on your card, once per keypress.  This
will show you if your 9200 can run any of the possible graphics modes. 
If not, we will need to look at the X and kernel logs for more
clues...we'll do that in the next installment if necessary ;)  
> Is your suspicion that this is a ATI Radion 9200se problem or 
> motherboard K8Vse Deluxe problem?

Design changes between the K8V Deluxe and the K8V/K8V SE Deluxe are
possibly causing some problems...if we can determine that they are, the
RH kernel people will undoubtedly figure out what needs to be done
...they may not even be aware of the changes Asus has made...they were
very responsive to problems with the K8V during the early FC1 x86_64
> .
> As an aside, because the ethernet card is built in to the motherboard 
> and is sometimes not recognized, what's the workaround for distros like 
> Debian and SuSE ftp that do a net install, which is my other main 
> install issue?  Is it to simply plug in another ethernet card to the 
> motherboard and that will be recognized?

the 3c940 on the K8V Deluxe is surely related to the 88E8001 on the
K8V/K8V SE Deluxe...the 3c940 is made by 3Com but uses Marvell
IP...device and vendor IDs ought to be different unless they are clones
of each other...but as is often the case, the devil is in the details. 
We also know that the Promise Raid controller is slightly different and
Firewire is missing from the plain and the SE versions. 
> In any case, my priority now is nailing down this Fedora graphics issue 
> and, at minimum, and at least establishing if it's a graphics or 
> motherboard issue.

If you can't get the system running runlevel 5 (ie Gnome), perhaps there
is something in the logs that will help.
> I must say, I've had problems of some sort with every distro with this 
> new AMD64 and K8V combo.  Perhaps I should have gone with my second 
> choice? The Intel P4 3.0 FSB800 & ASUS P4O800 Deluxe motherboard?

I am very happy with my K8V system but it was bleeding edge a couple
months ago...Fedora benefits greatly from have some very sharp kernel
engineers...and I don't think they like letting things like this
ride...if we get them the information they need, they will fix the
> Thanks.
> Rory

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