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Re: Hardrive clicking / Kernel issue or daemon ?

Gene Heskett wrote:

On Thursday 03 June 2004 22:13, vejmarie numericable fr wrote:

You are right this is a laptop drive I can't really help him to get
cooler except leaving florida !
Basically what I do have observed as well is that with standard
kernel from FC2, I do not have this issue which is basically coming
from the fact that the processor is locked to running at 800 Mhz (
my BIOS do not support PST structure required by the standard
powernow-k8 kernel module ). I do have had to patch the kernel to
allow the processor running at 1.8 Ghz, and the hard drive issue
appears only in that case.

Aha! So thats where the heat is coming from. I'd imagine you have doubled the power input, and the heat output of the cpu, and I'm wondering how long it itself will survive, not to mention the power regulation circuitry for the cpu with its at least doubled current drain.

Heat management in a laptop is probably the highest paid engineering job at the laptop makers R&D shop, and much of that stuff is designed right down to the gnats eyebrow for cooling. I think in the interests of decent life for both the laptop and its battery, I'd put it back to the factory speed. The laptop is too valuable to cook trying to make up some bragging rights, do that to a $300 dollar Wallmart box instead.

To me , it looks like he is using the factory speed. These CPUs run usually at 800Mhz to save power when using battery power and 1800Mhz otherwise.
What he has done is simply enabling something that should just work , but with the kernel rpm didnt... I bet if he boots to the other OS (if he has it) , it'll be using the same speeds (800Mhz with battery power , 1800Mhz otherwise).

Pedro Macedo

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