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Re: NVidia official driver on Fedora 2

Aaron Hughes wrote:

Jason Kretzer wrote:

The source rpm is on the same page -- is that what you
are looking for?


--- Aaron Hughes <hughesac clarkson edu> wrote:

Tarjei Knapstad wrote:

On Thu, 2004-06-03 at 17:43, Rodolfo J. Paiz


At 03:45 5/25/2004, Thiago Vinhas de Moraes wrote:

Some time ago I asked the same question, but

forgot the answer. What

changes I have to make to the system, so I can

properly run the official

NVidia drivers on Fedora2?

As I recall, someone answered that you should get

a kernel from kernel.org,


recompile your kernel

that way. You cannot use the Fedora kernel as it

won't compile with those


Just from memory... search the archives for Truth.

Alternatively, get this kernel while you wait...



I just wanted to say that I tried the kernel from
the link above and it works straight up witht the NVIDIA 5336 drivers I
was playing Warcraft III a few minutes ago but I would like to recompile
just for some optimizations does anyone know where the source for
that kernel is.

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I think I need the actual source of the kernel, I thought the src.rpm was just for rebuilding the rpm but I'm just going to try a kernel from kernel.org and try turning off the 4k stacks.

src.rpm includes sources, patches and spec
rpm -qpl xxx.src.rpm

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