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Konstantin Geister K_Geister at
Fri Jun 4 10:48:19 UTC 2004


can anybody help me?

[I was using FC1 and I could use my
 internal modem inside the IBM R40e-TP with
 the 2.9.5-SmartLink-driver [2.9.5] -> no problem(!).]

After I installed the new system (FC2) on my R40e
some problems has appeared:
The new modem-driver (2.9.7 for 2.6-kernel) could be installed, but
everytime one tries to load the driver the following output is created:
 > /usr/sbin/slmodemd
 > error: mdm setup: cannot open dev `/dev/slamr0': No such device
 > error: cannot setup device `/dev/slamr0'
This was strange to me since no problems came up while installing the
driver. So I looked for debug-messages from my module (slamr):
> #demesg
> slamr: module license "Smart Link Ltd." taints kernel.
> slamr: SmartLink AMRMO modem
> slamr: device 10b9:5457 is grapped by driver serial: try to release
> slamr: probe 10b9:5457 SL1800 card...
> PCI: Found IRQ 11 for device 0000:00:03.0
> slamr: mc97 codec is 0
> slamr: cannot init card.

I believe this error comes from
that different driver module (serial)
which is holding my modem resources.
May you can help me with the configuration in order to get my modem

How can I fix this problem? Any hints?
How can stop serial grapping my modem?


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