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Re: ntpd -U ntp -g

Al Sparks said:
> I'm looking through the ntpd docs, and can't find a reference to
>    -U
> in the ntpd man pages.  It's something that fedora uses in its default
> setup:
>    ntpd -U ntp -g
> That's what I see when I do a ps -a

man ntpd
 -U      server_user Ntpd process drops root privileges and changes user
         ID to  server_user  and  group  ID  to  the  primary  group  of

> Now actually, I'm running an ntpd on a server that's supposed to be
> accepting time requests.
> Yet, when I send a
>   ntpdate
> to that server, I get
>   ntpdate[25004]: no server suitable for synchronization found
> If you setup your client server with a /etc/ntp/step-tickers file it
> runs ntpdate on startup, and then depends on ntpd to keep the server's
> time straight.

Is your ntpd server synced?  Use "ntpq" to check the status of the servers
you are looking at.

Do you have a firewall in the way?  Use "service iptables status" to look
at the firewall rules.

William Hooper

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