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RE: samba printing format-not-supported

I was able to print from a w2k machine to my FC2-test1 printer via samba. I installed (new installation, not an upgrade) FC2 and now I get the following error trying to print from w2k:

Unable to print file to deskjet840c - client-error-document-format-not-supported

From: Bob Chiodini <chiodr kscems ksc nasa gov>

There was a discussion about this on the fedora-test-list a while back.
Unfortunately, I can't find it, but I think the conclusion, at least for
FC2 was to only add

cups options = raw

This did the trick! Thank! Something must have changed since FC2-test1.? I don't remember having to do anything like that (unless there was a raw checkbox in some gui that I can't find now).

By the way - probably the reason that you couldn't find the discussion on fedora-test-list is that archive searches don't seem to turn up anything newer than late February AFAICT. I wrote to the test list a few months ago and pointed this out, but nobody ever did anything about it.

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