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Re: FC2 = Win 3.1 wanabe

Hey you guys - what do you want for nothing?  Go pay for an Enterprise version of something.  You seem to have exactly no idea.  Have you read about what Fedora is?  Comeone everyone - a hand for the developers of Linux & Fedora & Redhat because if it wasn't for people like them there would truly be no real alternative!  It is people like that that advance our world - that make it a better place.  Gee whiz - I'm blogging a support list!

I've had some problems.  You know what?  I trawled through Google pages.  I read.  I tried stuff.  I got it going.  I'm not some whiz.  I couldn't write any of this stuff to save my life.  I just got off my pedestal and off my big fat lazy butt and made an effort!  I accepted that Fedora is pretty much exactly on the bleeding edge of Linux and I said - hey gee whiz - look at all this stuff!  I paid $0.  I made zero effort.  A big fat zero.

Thank god for Fedora Core 2.  And 1.  Thanks Redhat.  You're all Gods in my book.  Windows 3.1 has its place, but nobody that knows what FC2 or FC1 or even Redhat v5 can make such comparisons!

No more blogging for me.  If I do it again I will force myself to unsubscribe.


Come on.  Get real.  Time to be ashamed of yourself of go back to Redmond.

Steve Pyatt wrote:
On Friday 04 June 2004 07:02, Randy Ramsdell wrote:
What a mess.

ASUS p4p800 f'd up beyond belief
Had less problems installing windows 3.1 Remember the days on win3.1? 
Well, welcome back to the yesteryear OS stability.


I do agree with you. FC2 seemed less than it's predecessors. I can't
believe it was let out of the gate. However you don't cite anything
specific. I've documented the issues I've had and will share them once
I've jumped through a few more hoops that look like they have been added
to this release. A good for example though; On the install of the
program when you get to the screen to put in the root password. There is
only half an icon next to it. I think it's suppose to be a badge/shield
looking thing. Only half of it is there, as are most of the other
install screen icons, they just don't draw completely. That may seem
pretty petty, but is it professional? I bet that it does draw completely
on a lot of peoples install, but it doesn't on mine, and it did on prior
releases. And that is before I even get to the actual use of the


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