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FC2 and ATI 3.9.0 works but static...

Well the patch I posted last night does allow you
to finish building ATI's 3.9.0 drivers against the
Fedora Core 2 2.6.6-1.406smp kernel. By pasting
in the Device section generated by fglrxconfig
into the previous xorg.conf I am able to get 
the ATI driver running with an improvement of 
framerate in the glxgears from 350 fps with the
stock xorg radeon driver to 3000 fps with the
ATI driver. This is on a Radeon 9600XT connected
to a ViewSonic VP201s. However I find that I get
lots of horizontal static lines with the ATI
drivers. I tried using...

    Option "TMDSCoherentMode"           "no"

but that didn't help. Is anyone else seeing this
static problem and do they have a fix? Also
I am wondering if I should perhaps try the

    Option "UseInternalAGPGART"         "no"

option to use the Linux 2.6 agpgart instead?
Any insights on this static issue would be 
greatly appreciated as the speed is great but
there is way to much static to be usable now.

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