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Re: FC1 -> FC2 Update: DISASTER!!!

On Fri, 2004-06-04 at 10:08, Dan Thurman wrote:
> Craig,
> Isn't this the place where the linux community gathers to discuss,
> gripe, complain, praise, contribute, otherwise have an OPEN DISCUSSION
> to the benefit of (FC) linux no matter how informed, uniformed, misinformed, 
> mature, or immature people might be?
> Get a grip, please.
I am and have been fully in control of my emotions and my faculties.

You should have realized that you can typically download and install
beta versions of Windows from Microsoft, no doubt with the full
expectations that things aren't going to be perfect. So it is with
Fedora...it ain't perfect.

Yes, this is the the place to discuss and contribute to the development
of fedora and some feel it is an adequate forum to whine and gripe. I
always refer to the notion that some people are content to curse the
darkness and some light a candle and if there was a pack of matches in
your hand with your first post on this topic, it was obscured by your
whines which included:
>I would have expected that SOMEWHERE that GNOME
>Do we ALL have to become linux experts
>I don't have TIME to read the RTFM's
>I would *expect* linux to be a *PROFESSIONALLY*
and I'm sorry but I don't give free passes to immature and misinformed

I would suggest that the next time someone calls you out for a lack of
perspective that you give more thought to the possibility that the
person might have a point and that you would get more respect by
admitting that your tone was indicative of your frustration and probably
too severe rather than just tossing it off and telling them to get a

The choice however is of course, yours.


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