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Re: XFree86 driver releases from the current CVS?

On Fri, 4 Jun 2004, Jack Howarth wrote:

   I noticed that the XFree86 web site provides binaries
for the current video drivers from the XFree86 CVS at...


Has anyone tried the radeon_drv.o with Fedora Core 2? I am
hoping it might have working DRI support for the Radeon
9600XT since the one in xorg doesn't.

Very unlikely..


While I can get the ATI 3.9.0 drivers installed on Fedora Core 2 it
suffers from unacceptable amounts of hortizontal static when used
with a ViewSonic VP201s at 1600x1200. Hopefully the open source
driver will fair better.

There could be issues with the 4kstack code in FC2 kernel & binary drivers. You might want to try 8k-stack-FC2 kernel built by linuxant



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