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Re: help installing fedora core 2

Paul Laney wrote:
Can any one help.

I have installed redhat 9 on a ite8212f raid set up.
I needed to download drivers so that redhat 9 could see the raid


I would now like to upgrade to Federo, but I can not seem to get
Fedora to recognise the ite8212f raid setup. I can not find suitable
drivers. Can anyone help.

Hi Paul!

Welcome in my world ... I too have a ITE8212 and failed to make
a driver for it. I used the source posted at ite.com.tw , managed
to compile it after a few days of trying, but when I insmod'ed
the driver, my system hanged for about 15 seconds then it came
back and the totally froze -> hard reboot!
(I also found a forum post via google describing the same scenario)

Actually the kernel recognized it without a specific driver and I
was even able to boot Fedora2 from it, but it was extremely slow

I'm sorry, I don't have a solution either. I ended up in moving
the Fedora harddisk to the motherboard IDE controller as slave
and now I have the NTFS data HD on the controller. The windoze
driver for the card works and it is speedy.

Well, since I only payed 20Euros for it I don't bother anymore.
One listmember told us that http://www.3ware.com/ cards work
pretty well, but they're a bit pricey.


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